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Did we see you at the North West Audio Show at the weekend!? The show just gets better and better every year thanks to superb organisation, a friendly and relaxed vibe, engaging special events and an enjoyably eclectic exhibitor list.

This year, we showed our new 'all-white' integrated amplifier and Cube 3 speakers (available in around 6 to 8 weeks), our 'full monty' P50SA / M600 monoblocks and, of course, our Starter Bundle that 'A British Audiophile' described as "astonishing!"

Here's some feedback for our room, from around the web:

"Some standout rooms for me were: 1. NVA amps fed by a budget Audiolab CDP sounded great and is ridiculous value for money."

"What I find strange as a show newcomer was exhibitors with > £40/50/60k of kit and no portable acoustic room treatment - I just don't get that at all. NVA did have a fair bit in their small room and it definitely helped."

"Good to see NVA delivering by some distance the best £ for £ value at the whole event. Shows are strange at the best of times. You have well established companies with 40/50/60 and occasionally over £100k of kit with zero acoustic treatment for the rooms. To their credit, NVA had lugged along a fair bit of portable acoustic treatment and that definitely paid dividends in what I heard."
"NVA - one of the select few sounds I could definitely live with - interesting Raidho sub-brand speakers & did not play audiophile twaddle music - also heard NVA amps in another room sounding very nice, but damned if I can remember which one."
"NVA - had a pleasant sound going on from their monoblocks and some prototype 'Cube' speakers, didn't have the awesomeness of some of the mega systems but it was much more listenable. Paul put on some AC-DC for me and they made a good fist of it, the upward firing main driver adds a sort of 'live' feel without it being distracting or weird."
If you missed us at the North West, you can see us at the UK Audio Show, at Daventry in early October... and the fabulous WAM Forum enthusiasts' show, at Barnsley in late October, where we're planning to also bring some 'interesting' vintage items.

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