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Welcome to my NVA hi-fi workshop diary! I'm doing some upgrades and cable builds in Poland, right now, then back to the UK for a couple of weeks from next Tuesday, 26th April.

Servicing / Repairs - we've loved having an original TIS (The Integrated Statement) in the workshop. We didn't want to return it to it's owner! It was interesting for me to see these earlier amplifier boards and trace how they have evolved over the last 30 or so years. They measure slightly differently to later boards, but very close to each other, and the amp still sounds great - a little brighter, perhaps, compared to later amps. It would be interesting to work out if that's down to different components on the board, or different components in the PSU section. Talking of the power section...this is interesting; it's built on one large transformer but with 2 rectifiers and separate power to the input and output stages. 

So, what needed fixing? Well, it's a dual mono pre-amp section and one old type cermet pot came loose in the socket and because of micro movement one connection broke - a simple job. Checked everything else over - even the smoothing caps are still well within spec! This particular example has some peeling to the chrome; not sure if that is common with these, but even so it still looks great.

New integrated amplifier - can't wait to launch this at the North West Audio Show, 18-19 June. It's a brilliantly transparent, open and musical amp in the classic NVA tradition, and the 400va power supply (150va on input, 250va on output) delivers a dynamic ease that is highly addictive. It's a beauty in the new satin finish and it doesn't show up my fingerprints! We hope some of you can get to Cranage, for it's debut.

New Cubes - the supply of birch-ply has dried up due to the war in Ukraine, so I'm concentrating on advancing the acrylic prototypes, for now. But, we will have both acrylic and birch-ply prototypes for you to hear at the North West.

New Builds - I'll be building pre-orders as well as replenishing our stock to ensure that the majority of the NVA range is available for fast delivery. I'm also building stock for our loan schemes at our own Hi-Fi Subjectivist forum, and now also at The WAM forum.

Upgrades - there are now scores of upgraded NVA pre and power amps in service, and I think that everyone has been delighted with the uplift in sound quality. It's also worth mentioning that the upgrade will increase the durability of pre 2020 power amps, so it's a good investment in that respect, also. The pre-amp upgrade continues to be very popular and I know we've had a number of people replace some very high-end passives with our bespoke attenuator. If you're thinking of an upgrade, we know that you won't want to be without your music for too long: pre-amps can be turned round in 3 days, power amps in 7 days, and we can sometimes arrange a loaner amp for the cost of shipping. Talk to us about the different options.

Upgrade your NVA passive pre-amplifier

Upgrade your NVA power amplifier

Final Word - I'm seeing price increases for pretty much all the components I've been ordering in the last month. Up to 35% in some cases, which is just scary! Don't tell Paul!!

All the best,


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