Q: What’s better than NVA?
A: More NVA! 

We've designed the new NVA range so that you can upgrade without the need to sell your existing equipment. As you go up through the NVA range you get more resolution, more scale, more separation… simply, more NVA! Here are the ways that you can upgrade:


Upgrade your P50 passive pre-amplifier to 'SA' specification – we are fitting super-smooth Seiden stepped attenuators, Audio Note load resistors and silver-plated internal wiring with Teflon coating. View and buy here

Power Amplifiers 

Upgrade your S150 stereo power amplifier or M300 monoblock power amplifiers by adding a second power supply – we are fitting the superb Toroidy Audio Grade transformers and Vishay capacitors. View and buy here 

Upgrading Older NVA Equipment

Many earlier models can be upgraded in the ways described above. It will depend on the actual model and the internal space available. Please contact us for details and a quote.

Cable Trade-In Scheme

Up to 100% back! Read more here