B-Grade NVA A60 MKIII Stereo Power Amplifier


This is a prototype that we built with an Airlink audio grade 160va transformer (rather than Toroidy) and the new Vishay capacitors. B-Grade case (nothing obvious). Performance is equal to the new MKIII - we went with Toroidy for value for money. Includes new heavy duty bespoke packaging (worth £54).


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  • 2 year warranty


For operational stability this amplifier must only be used with NVA low capacitance speaker cable. Use of other makes of speaker cable will invalidate our warranty. For optimum sound quality, we recommend use of our low capacitance interconnect cables. Save 25% off NVA speaker cables purchased with this item, until 1st July 2020 (discount offered on checkout page). 


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  • High quality Airlink transformer
  • New! High quality Vishay capacitors
  • Power Output - 60w
  • Power Supply - 150va
  • Dimensions - w240mm x h160mm x d240mm


The A60 can be upgraded to A60+ specification. We fit a second set of 150va Toroidy transformer and Vishay capacitors to your A60. The benefits are more separation, dynamic ease, clarity and scale, especially when driving more demanding speakers.


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Listen to NVA in your own system, in your own room - the best way to judge any item. If not 100% delighted, return it to us for a refund.