System Bundle A - P50 / SSC / A60 / LS3 - save £200

This system offers a taste of 'high end' pre-power performance at a price that is lower than some 'audiophile' mains cables! Exceptional value is achieved through our minimalist design ethos and modern distribution model.

  • P50 MKII passive preamplifier
  • 0.75m SSC stereo interconnect (to connect P50 to A60)
  • A60 MKIII stereo power amplifier
  • 2.0m pair LS3 speaker cables
  • Save £200 compared to buying items separately.
  • Alternative cable lengths available - contact us for prices
  • NEXT BUILD - order by 15th February for delivery in late February / early March

This is an exceptionally well balanced system, with all components being specified and voiced for maximum synergy. The P50 MKII passive pre-amplifier contains the best sounding volume pot available at this price point and upgraded silver-plated wiring, while the A60 MKIII stereo power amplifier now includes Toroidy Audio Grade transformers and Vishay capacitors...this quality of component is usually only found in equipment that is far beyond this price point.

Upgrade Potential - our component upgrade options and cable trade-in scheme ensure that you can enhance your system, at a later date, without having to wait until you sell your existing items. System Bundle A upgrade options:

  1. Fit stepped attenuator to P50 MKII passive pre-amplifier
  2. Trade in SSC interconnect to SSP MKII or TIS
  3. Fit separate input transformer to A60 MKIII power amplifier
  4. Trade in LS3 speaker cable to LS5 or LS6 or LS7

Note: If one or more items are returned, the remaining items revert to their standard prices for the purposes of calculating refunds. Cable trade-in values will be adjusted to reflect system bundle discounts.