NVA awarded best amplifier of 2023

Our P50SA / M600 combination has been named 'Best Hi-Fi Amplifier of 2023' in it's price category (above £3,000) by 'A British Audiophile'! You can watch the full ABA awards video, here (NVA appears at around 15 minutes in).

In addition to praising the exquisite detailing, natural tone and beautifully layered soundstage, Tarun declared the P50SA / M600 to be "phenomenal value for money". All NVA hi-fi components are handmade in the UK and come with a 30-day home trial. To find out if NVA could be the best hi-fi amplifier for you, contact us to discuss your requirements.

The NVA ethos is to use the fewest parts possible, and then ensure those parts are the best quality that we can afford. For pre-amplification, we prefer passive for simplicity. The NVA P50SA is a minimalist but highly versatile pre-amp that uses a very high quality switch and stepped attenuator, and delivers a brilliantly transparent window for your music. The M600 monoblock power amplifiers are our most powerful, with 300va for each channel, and will drive a wide range of speakers. NVA low capacitance interconnects and speaker cables are the perfect match.

More feedback,from NVA customers:

"...the bass is deep and controlled not rumbling but sharp, detail has enhanced clarity in rise and decay of notes, and very natural sounding. My speakers really come to life now even at moderate listening levels..."

"...no listener fatigue, first impression’s beyond reproach. Bass lines clear, vocals clean, snares crisp, no sense of harshness..."

"...minus the usual hi-fi parlance, I can just say it sounded detailed, captivating and highly enjoyable. This sentiment has been shared by all who've listened to date. No matter the genre, the system shines..."

The NVA 'A British Audiophile' bundle

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