We offer three types of amplifier system to suit different budgets and needs, but all have a consistent sound signature; smaller models are open and non-fatiguing, while larger (twin power supply) models add greater headroom, scale, contrast and separation without sacrificing the purity and natural musicality that NVA amplification is renowned for. All NVA amplifiers are handmade in the UK.

  • Integrated - affordable and convenient. Passive pre-amplifier and power sections all in one box. Fit, forget, engage with your music.
  • Stereo pre / power - affordable and adaptable. If a time comes when you want to upgrade, our stereo power amplifiers can be used in a bi-amping set-up. 
  • Monoblock pre / power - for ultimate sound quality. Separate power amplifiers for each channel to reduce crosstalk and allow for larger power supplies.

AP20 Integrated Amplifier

The limited edition NVA AP20 integrated amplifier is a vibrant and modern implementation of a much-loved vintage classic. To bring the AP20's performance bang up to date, we've fitted upgraded amplifier boards, audio grade transformers and Vishay capacitors.

INT400 Integrated Amplifier

The INT400 features an all new 'easy care' satin-matt acrylic case, and a 5 year (first-user) warranty. The change to a wider, deeper format has allowed for uprated power supplies and a more generously spaced layout for optimum signal purity. With 400va on tap and a premium volume pot fitted, this is the best sounding integrated amplifier that NVA has ever produced, and is compatible with a wide range of speakers. 

P50 passive pre-amplifier

The P50 is designed to be used with NVA power amplifiers (or any power amplifier that that can be used with a passive pre-amplifier). Consistent with our desire for simplicity and musical transparency, the NVA P50 is a completely passive unit controlled by a high quality potentiometer. This is also a highly versatile pre-amplifier, featuring support for bi-amping and subwoofer connection. The basic P50 can be upgraded by fitting our superb new stepped attenuator for class leading transparency and retrieval of micro detail.

S80 stereo power amplifier

Combined with the P50 passive pre-amplifier, the S80 is the most economical entry point of NVA pre / power systems. With speakers that are easy to drive, the S80 is exceptionally musical, offering a level of clarity and timing that is well beyond it's price point. A British Audiophile called it 'astonishing'.

S300 stereo power amplifier

A great British design, the S300 is a perfect companion for those building a set-up with the NVA passive pre-amplifiers. High quality Toroidy transformers and Vishay capacitors give dedicated power supplies for both the input and output stages. This provides excellent musical transparency and dynamic ease with a wide range of speakers.

M600 monoblock power amplifiers

The M600s are the choice for those who want the ultimate in sound quality and musical engagement. Separate amplification for each channel minimises interference and the use of twin power supplies per channel gives even greater transparency and dynamic ease, especially when driving more demanding speakers. A British Audiophile named the M600s 'Amplifier Of The Year 2023'.


The P50 preamp has three sets of outputs per channel, so we can support bi-amping (and also tri-amping for speakers with this capability). For example, we can add the M600 mono-block power amps to a system that contains a single stereo power amp. Now our stereo power amp is driving just the tweeters, relieving it of the low frequency current needed to drive bass units. The result is lower distortion, more detail and sweetness. Each mono-block drives only a single bass unit and much less crossover. This results in much less inter-modulation giving better bass and mid-range.

If we already have mono-block amps, we can either add a stereo power amp to replicate the above system, or we can add a 2nd set of mono-block amps to give even greater performance

When bi-amping is not possible

Not all speakers can be multi-amped, some have only a single pair of binding posts. In this case we can not obtain better sound with multi-amping. Instead we must simply use better amplifiers, for example a pair of M600 mono-blocks. 

Typical upgrade path

Start with P50 preamp and a stereo power amp (S80 or S300). If your speakers are below average sensitivity (<88db) and / or have a 3rd or 4th order crossover, choose the S300. Buy the best NVA interconnect and speaker cables you can afford.

Add a Balanced Mains Unit to supply your system. UK mains quality can be poor, so there's a very good chance you won't be hearing your system at it's full potential until you try our BMU.

Upgrade your P50 pre-amp to SA specification. We fit a superb 23 step Seiden switch with Audio Note load resistors. More transparency and detail. 

Bi-amping - add a set of  M600 mono-block power amps to drive your speakers bass units and use your existing S80 / S300 to drive the tweeters only. Better bass and midrange. More scale and resolution. Sweeter treble.

Upgrade interconnects and speaker cables - contact us for a trade-in quote.

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