NVA M600 Monoblock Power Amplifiers


Handmade in Great Britain, designed to be used with NVA passive pre-amplifiers. The use of twin power supplies per channel gives even greater transparency and dynamic ease, especially when driving more demanding speakers.

  • Priced per pair
  • Bespoke all-acrylic case with anodised aluminium heatsink
  • Audio Grade transformers
  • High quality Vishay capacitors
  • Inputs - One line level per channel
  • Outputs - 4mm speaker sockets per channel
  • Power Output - 80w
  • Power Supply - 600va (2 x 150va per monoblock)
  • Dedicated separate power supplies for input and output stages
  • Dimensions - w240mm x h160mm x d240mm
  • Unpacked weight - 9kg per monoblock
  • US 120V / 60Hz option available
  • IMPORTANT - there is no protection circuitry or filtering on the output of our amplifiers (that's one of the reasons why they sound so good!), so care must be taken in use. Do not short circuit the output; doing so will fatally damage the amplifier boards. Do not use high capacitance speaker cables as these could damage the amplifier by creating a virtual short-circuit at high frequencies. Do not use bi-wiring with non-NVA cables. Do not use Litz, Goertz or woven cables. Do not twist cables together. Avoid cables with a capacitance of greater than 200pf per metre (failure to do so will invalidate our warranty) and do not use non-NVA cables over 10 metres in length. The best sounding speaker cable for NVA  and the perfect electrical match, is our LS series of low capacitance cables. Proof of purchase of NVA speaker cable, or another suitable low capacitance speaker cable, may be required when submitting any NVA amplifier for warranty repair.
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My expensive valve integrated went pop so decided to buy a temporary replacement and plumped for NVA P50SA, M300's, SSP mkII, LS5. The rest of my system is a Kuzma Stabi R, Viv Labs Rigid Float 9 ", Ortofon SPU ROYAL N, Thomas Mayer D3A partial silver phono stage and Tannoy Arden Legacys. I am not going to spout off, but all I can say in my opinion it sounds fantastic, musically engaging, detailed, dynamic, bass is weighty and detailed, and when my integrated is repaired it will be sold. To add further credence to the above, a friend came round who is not into hifi but loves music, said he thought it sounded better than my integrated. I have just acquired a P50SA Mk2 and another pair of M300's for bi-amping. I will try the pre tonight and report back, and when I have sorted the extra sockets and a pair of LSTS speaker cables I have ordered for the power amps I will give a further update.

I'm very happy to report that the M600s are sounding great and a big step-up from the A80 Mk1s. I must admit I was surprised by how much of an improvement I'm hearing, having always assumed that the A80s would never need replacing. I'm delighted with the new amps and amazed at the enhanced detail, separation, dynamics, presence, etc. They are clearly allowing the system to perform at its highest level so far, perhaps with more to come as they settle in. They also look great side by side in the rack, better than stacking the A80s for lack of shelf space. Thank you for a fantastic new product. I look forward to future developments with interest!

I had a windfall from the tax man and managed to acquire a P50 second hand for upgrading. This gave me a top of the range NVA system as shown above and I declared it as my 2020 ambition in one of the threads here (I've quite forgotten which one). These are initial impressions as the kit arrived at lunch time today. My expectation varied from "this is going to start out excruciating until it settles down" to "it's not going to be any better than my kW550". Well, wrong on both counts. Music all the way - yes the definition is there, the stereo image to die for, the big, well defined bass when called for. But it is a simply a pleasure to listen to it either intently or as background. I couldn't be happier. Audio Nirvana. It's simply a joy to listen to. Expensive? - yes. Value? - priceless. If it improves more it's going to be orgasmic!! Watch this space. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: Blusound Vault 2, P50SA, A80's, BMU, TIS, LS7, MA PL200.

With the BMU and LS6 in place and transforming the sound of my system, NVA amplification was the next step. The differences are not subtle. Familiar tracks which start slowly and build up have gained a new lease of life. Bowie’s “Rock n’ roll suicide” is a prime example, from the single acoustic guitar accompaniment at the start to the frenzy at the end. This effect was similar on his more mellow “Hunky Dory” album. When electric guitars came in, and acoustic guitars are strummed harder, things livened up, the effect was very pronounced. The clarity and separation on backing vocals have also taken on a new dimension. This was very evident on “Dark side of the moon”. I had not been aware that so much was going on. Heavier material also sounds a lot better. On Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti”, the simple riffs many of the tracks are based upon remain solid and stable as other guitars and keyboards enter the mix. In addition the power, as well as subtlety, of John Bonham’s drumming came across as never before. The Rush album “A Farewell to Kings” was also a revelation and increased my appreciation of Geddy Lee’s bass playing. His screaming vocal at the end of “Cygnus x1” (some of the lyrics in my signature) was handled with ease. The NVA kit revealed subtleties in Iron Maiden’s “seventh son of a seventh son” album which I was not previously aware of, beneath the layers of power chords. My only regret is that I was not aware of NVA sooner.

I first noticed the NVA P50SA / M600 monoblocks in the review by A British Audiophile. A friend of mine had been telling me for years to go for monoblocks and this review did it for me. I have been enjoying my Sugden A21SE line amplifier for a couple of years but I yearned for more clarity. I am a choral/orchestral conductor and wanted the sounds of my system to match what I hear in real life. When it all arrived, the amps took a little while to settle but this had been drawn to my attention already by Paul at NVA. After a couple of days the sounds were stunning - the fog had cleared and the pin sharp clarity of everything came so clearly into focus. What in the past had sounded 'like a piano' now was 'a piano' and Paul's promise of wanting to listen to music into the wee small hours was true. I immediately fished out my favourite recordings and listened to them afresh. It is almost like monoblocks are the equivalent of our two eyes, working independently but allowing the brain to sort out the image. An integrated amplifier is like seeing everything with our eyes crossed. I urge anyone who is serious about sound to order this combination asap! DAVID TEMPLE MBE www.davidtemple.co.uk

Steve. T. on Dec 08, 2023
I originally purchased an NVA S150 amplifier with a view to eventually having it upgraded to an S300. However, after some thought and a hankering after a pair of Mono Blocks, I got in touch with Paul with regards to the upgrade scheme. A price for my S150 was agreed and I put in an order for a pair of M600’s. My thinking was that the S150 was a very capable amplifier but M600’s would be at least a moderate improvement both in detail and weight. Well, I was wrong on both counts, the improvement was huge, the bass is deep and controlled not rumbling but sharp, detail has enhanced clarity in rise and decay of notes, and very natural sounding. My speakers really come to life now even at moderate listening levels, so pleased I made the jump.

After 30 years of audio enjoyment, a mixture of curiosity and equipment failure suggested a change was in order. Faced with a wealth of choice, I couldn't help but think about NVA as I'd long been captivated by their looks and intrigued by their ethos. Needless to say, the 30 day trial was an appetizing entryway and the selected items soon arrived (P50SA pre, M600 monos and P1 phono). Communication with Paul and team was first rate as too initial impressions of sound. Minus the usual hi-fi parlance, I can just say it sounded detailed, captivating and highly enjoyable. This sentiment has been shared by all who've listened to date. No matter the genre, the system shines and this has only developed as further NVA items have been added (Cube 1s, upgrade in cables and power supply). So here we are, 30 years in with both vinyl and CD sounding fabulous and shedding new light on many a recording.

On the Saturday night before the M600’s arrived I had been talking with a friend about how I might never need to upgrade the starter system, as it is that good. Just so musical. But then a pair of M600’s on E-bay – advertised as B-grade from the manufacturer. Apparently a small mark on the casework, otherwise new. Too good to miss. Well the first thing to notice is that music just flows from these lovely amps - it seems an NVA family tradition. But there is more than that...Day 1 listening out of the box a twinge of buyer’s remorse, maybe they were not so much better than the A20 amp they replace. But day 2, and they have started to open up. Sat here listening to OK Computer, an album I like on vinyl but never could quite relax into the digital version, but now I am back in time and finally my digital front end is singing. Click through albums and Its probably been thirty years since I have heard Wish You Were Here as I loved and remembered. So - this is just sublime, I usually just about tolerate Sledgehammer, but with the inner detail all revealed it’s awesome ……… listening through a selection. 5 hours later, what can be said ? Speechless, no listener fatigue, first impression’s beyond reproach. Bass lines clear, vocals clean, snares crisp, no sense of harshness, heaven. The NVA starter system is amazing value for money, but these amps are a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain. Pretty much my end game complete.

NVA sells, and ships, direct to users. This saves you around 40% compared to buying through a dealer. We are so confident in the quality of our products and designs that we offer a 30 day no quibble returns policy. Listen to NVA in your own system, in your own room (by far the best way to judge any item) for up to 30 days. If you’re not delighted, return it to us for a refund.

How it Works

First, you purchase the item(s). Once your order is delivered, the 30 day trial begins. To return the item(s) within that 30-day period, contact us by email. We will provide you with a return authorisation number (RMA). You then return the item(s) to us by your choice of courier. Once we've received your return, you will receive a refund within 7 to 10 days.


The returned item(s) must be in the same condition that you received them in. If there are signs of user-related damage or missing accessories, then we may deduct a portion of the refund.

Shipping costs are not refundable.

For full details, please see our Returns Policy

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