Black Box Range

Note these reviews have been recreated in a form more suitable for viewing on the internet, and while all contents are as accurate as possible there may be some minor differences. 

AP10 HFN & RR July 1997
AP10 UHF Issue No.56
AP20 HiFi Choice August 1992
AP20 HFN & RR October 1995
AP30 HFN & RR 1995
AP30 CYBERFi 1996
AP30 SUONO (Italian) April 1997
AP50 HFN & RR August 1996
AP70 HFN & RR August 1998
AP80 What HiFi Sept 1997
P50,Phono2,A80 Audiophile August 1991
P80,A60 What HiFi May 1993
Sound Pipe Audiophile May 1992
LS1 What HiFi August 1996


NVA Black Box compact disc players are based around a modified Philips transport mechanism and specially selected D-to-A converters. By using NVA know-how, gained during the development of the Statement range, has resulted in a highly listenable and musical player.

The player is a clean and elegant design, gone is the clutter of so many CD players. The front panel has draw, open/close button and digital read out. All other controls are contained on the remote control unit. As well as looking neater it also allows more money to be spent on the critical components within the player, resulting in what we believe is a new standard in CD player price/performance.


CD30 player

NVA CD30 Specifications:

  • Outputs - Digital and Analogue
  • Power Supply - Single
  • Dimensions - w430mm x h90mm x d310mm

CD50 player

NVA CD50 Specifications:

  • Outputs - Digital and Analogue
  • Power Supply - Dual (One analogue and one for digital)
  • Dimensions - w430mm x h90mm x d310mm