Your NVA Product Guarantee (2 Years)

Please keep a copy of the sales receipt to establish the purchase date of the product.

IMPORTANT - there is no protection circuitry or filtering on the output of our amplifiers (that's one of the reasons why they sound so good!), so care must be taken in use. Do not short circuit the output; doing so will fatally damage the amplifier boards. Do not use high capacitance speaker cables as these could damage the amplifier by creating a virtual short-circuit at high frequencies. Do not use bi-wiring with non-NVA cables. Do not use Litz, Goertz or woven cables. Do not twist cables together. Avoid cables with a capacitance of greater than 200pf per metre (failure to do so will invalidate our warranty) and do not use non-NVA cables over 10 metres in length. The best sounding speaker cable for NVA  and the perfect electrical match, is our LS series of low capacitance cables. Proof of purchase of NVA speaker cable, or another suitable low capacitance speaker cable, may be required when submitting any NVA amplifier for warranty repair.

There are no user serviceable parts inside NVA amplifiers. Removing the acrylic lid will invalidate the warranty.

For best sound the amplifier should be left powered up. Electricity consumption is very low. It is for this reason that the power switch is located on the back panel, where it may not be easy to reach. Turn the amplifier off when you do not intend to listen to it for extended periods.

For design performance only NVA Sound Pipe, Super Sound Pipe or Sound Cord Interconnects should be used, but this is for sonic as opposed to safety reasons.

NVA power amplifiers must only be used with passive pre-amplifiers. Use of other types of pre-amplifiers will invalidate our warranty. For sound synergy and 100% compatibility we strongly recommend using NVA passive pre-amplifiers.

All brand new NVA products purchased on or after 24th August 2019 are covered by our standard 2-year manufacturers’ warranty (not applicable to pre-owned items, which are covered by a 6 month warranty unless otherwise stated). This covers parts and labour, subject to terms & conditions. NVA products purchased prior to 24th August 2019 will be repaired at cost.

1. What is included in this Warranty?

If an NVA product is defective in normal domestic use, due to a fault in materials or workmanship, NVA will at its discretion (and subject to the terms contained herein) either regulate, adjust, repair or replace it free of charge within a reasonable time after return of such product during the Warranty period to NVA’s address. This Warranty is offered from the date of purchase by the original end user and covers the cost of parts and associated labour required to correct such defects in materials or workmanship arising and advised to NVA during a period of Two (2) Years from the original date of purchase.

2. What is excluded from this Warranty? This Warranty does NOT cover:

damage to NVA products while in possession of a shipper, retailer, or consumer and not caused by defects in materials or workmanship;

damage to NVA products arising due to or from normal wear and tear;

damage or defects caused by abnormal or unreasonable use (including repairs or alterations of products by a person other than NVA or its nominated repair agents);

damage, defects, deterioration, malfunction or failure to meet performance specifications resulting from:

accident, acts of nature, misuse, abuse, neglect or unauthorised product modification,

improper installation, removal or maintenance, or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product,

repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorised by NVA to repair the product

cleaning, initial set-up, check-ups with no defects found, or charges incurred for installation of the product;

any product on which the serial number has been removed, defaced or modified.

3. What NVA will do and pay for if you qualify for this Warranty coverage. NVA will pay for all parts and labour covered by this Warranty:

NVA do not cover return shipping charges in the event that the product needs to be returned to NVA. However, if the required repairs are covered by this Warranty, NVA will pay for the return shipping to any destination within the UK. Whenever warranty service is required you must present the original dated sales receipt or other proof of purchase.

4. This Guarantee is offered in relation to purchases made directly from ourselves (non-transferable), after 24th August 2019 only, and shall be governed by the laws [of England and Wales] [applying in the country in which purchase of the product takes place]. Consumer statutory rights applying under the laws [of England and Wales] [pertaining in the country of purchase] shall not be adversely affected by any terms and conditions contained herein.

Warranty Repair Form