We are pleased to ship direct to the US & Canada. We offer 2 options for purchasing.

Option 1. We fit a 120v power supply as a bespoke order. The advantage is that you can plug the amp(s) straight into your mains socket without any need for a separate step-down power transformer. The caveat with this option is that it is a bespoke order, so the amp(s) cannot be returned / refunded.

Option 2. We fit the standard UK power supply and you use a separate step-down power transformer. This means that the 30 day return option is still available to you.

Import charges may be payable, depending on your location. You are responsible for any import charges. These are paid directly to the local courier, usually immediately prior to delivery of your order.

We use DHL and other couriers. Delivery time is typically within 7 working days from dispatch, subject to customs clearance. For orders above 10kg in weight, we will need to obtain an up to date shipping quote. Please contact us with your requirements.

Please note, we do not have repair / service workshops in North America. In the event that repair is required, items under warranty should be returned to our UK workshop. For items beyond warranty, we are happy to offer guidance to your own engineer.