NVA AP10H+ Headphone Amplifier


Designed and hand made in the UK as the perfect option for serious enthusiasts who value musical transparency and dynamic headroom. The AP10H+ amp is very powerful in terms of both voltage and current. It can drive any magnetic or planar headphones on the market, regardless of impedance or sensitivity.

What makes this version different to the standard AP10H, is that the AP10H+ separates the power supply from the head unit to provide a massive boost to va by having one 120va transformer per channel. This makes it one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers on the market today. The units are connected by umbilical leads with XLR plugs. We recommend placing the power supply unit at least 60 centimetres away from the head unit for best performance.

Volume matching is achieved by a high quality Vishay ceramic padding resistor suitable for use with 95% of headphones. Additionally, the resistor gives more volume adjustment when using more sensitive headphones. For best results, please state the type of headphone when ordering.

For optimum sound quality, we recommend use of our low capacitance interconnect cables. 

  • Bespoke all-acrylic case
  • NEW! TKD volume pot
  • Audio Grade transformers
  • High quality Vishay capacitors
  • Inputs - One line level
  • Outputs - 1/4 inch headphone jack
  • External power Supply - 2 x 120va
  • Dimensions - w250mm x 65mm x d205mm per box
  • US 120V / 60Hz option available
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Upgrade from Rega EAR. I am really thrilled with the NVA Headphone Amplifier which just oozes quality in addition to the weight being reassuring. I connected it to my Marantz CD63 KI Signature CD player and used my Sennheiser HD700 headphones and the sound is superb. I played some of “The Planets” as recorded by Charles Dutoit with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra and “Mars” was exhilarating. This recording won the Gramophone Magazine Award in 1987 for “Best Engineered recording”. I have attached the article from the October 1987 edition of Gramophone. It really is an exceptional recording. If only all progressive rock albums of the 70s were recorded to that level of audio magnificence!

I got my AP10P about four months ago and it is very good indeed. I have ATH-A900X headphones and with my previous headphone amp they sounded soft and bit dark. Now with AP10P sound is muc more controlled detailed and refined. My overall listening experience ia now much more enjoying than it was before. Very good sound per pound ratio indeed!

Thanks for the wonderful amplifier - I didn’t know such clarity and detail was possible at the price.

Having recently swapped out the AP10P for an AP10H with external PSU my next plan was to reuse the AP10P in my office rig. This was always going to be interesting as I've never tried NVA amplification with speakers only headphones. The office rig was previously: PI base Squeezebox / Arcam AV9 / NVA MK1 SSC / Rotel 970BX Power Amp / NVA LS5 / NVA Cubettes. I've always really liked the Rotel so swapping in the AP10P was not something I expected to do a lot. Holy cow, I've heard and used the expression like removing a veil, like pulling back a curtain. Well this was like knocking down a wall in those terms. I am truly amazed at the difference

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