Updated 14/09/2021

We have some Ex Demo / B-Grade / Prototype stock available.

AP10H headphone amplifier (no speaker sockets) – current specification (Toroidy transformer, Vishay caps, ALPS volume pot, upgraded wiring). B-Grade (small scratch next to headphone socket) £350 (brand new price is £475). 2 year warranty SOLD

M160 prototype monoblocks (in S80 cases) – 1 x 80va Toroidy transformer per monoblock, Vishay caps, upgraded wiring. Cases are B-Grade (nothing obvious – no cracks). £550. 2 year warranty.

S80 stereo power amplifier - current specification (Toroidy transformer, Vishay caps, upgraded wiring). B-Grade (nothing obvious – no cracks). £325 (brand new price is £495). 2 year warranty.

S150 stereo power amplifier - (Toroidy transformer, Vishay caps, upgraded wiring). Ex-Demo but as new. £800 (brand new price is £1000). 2 year warranty.

MK1 TIS (Goretex military cable, no longer available) Interconnect 0.6m pair – secondhand, sprung Neutrik phono plugs. Remarkable clarity – these have a bit of a cult following, I'm told. £200. 2 year warranty. SOLD

BBPSU – 2 x 1kva transformer power supply for NVA phono stage. This one has some very expensive (and hard to find) DC bypasses fitted – made for demonstration at shows. Currently configured for Phono2 with 2 x male XLR plugs, can be reconfigured for phono3 / plugs can be changed to match your existing head unit. New price on the 'standard' BBPSU was £1000. This one-off is £750. 2 year warranty.

Special Offer - Starter System of P50 / S80 / SSC (0.75m) / LS3 (2 x 3m). Different cable lengths on request. £1150 when purchased separately. £850. All current spec and 2 year warranty.

Above prices are for payment by bank transfer. Add 3% for credit card.

All prices include UK delivery.

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