Upgrade your NVA P50 passive preamplifier to P50SA specification

Upgrade your stereo NVA P50 passive preamplifier.

  • A superb new stepped attenuator - quiet between steps (no cracking or fluffing) and exceptionally smooth operation.
  • Upgraded silver plated internal wiring.

Ship your P50 to us. We’ll send you full instructions once we’ve received your payment. If you're unsure what mark / model your existing preamplifier is, and if it can be upgraded, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Upgrades are non-returnable / non-refundable.

I have only had the P90 upgrade to SA running a short while now and can say it is impressive. I will admit I was a tad skeptical as to how much better it might be but I can honestly say I heard an improvement straight away , the original sounded good but this is like another veil has been lifted ( Yes cliche I know, But !) its the best description I can give , listening is easier if that makes any sense . I am very pleasantly surprised indeed . Also its not fully run in yet as the resistors will take a little time to burn in. I must say Paul and the team at NVA have been excellent with communication both quick and informative I can't fault them at all.

My original P50SA with stepped attenuator had become very noisy when changing the volume and one channel was dropping out at some volumes when wiggling the knob (which was easy to do without intention because it was quite heavy/stiff in operation). An email to Paul and his quick phone call back gave me my options of either being talked through opening the case and where to apply contact cleaner which they obviously couldn’t guarantee how long it would last or sending the amp to them and the new, better more reliable stepped attenuator fitted. I went with the latter and the communications and turn around in less than a week were superb. Putting the pre back into my system and sparking it up amazed me as it was straight out of the box. The sound stage was much wider with greater depth than the original. Which was no slouch. I can’t wait to see how it develops with more use. Well done lads!

As the crackling of the right side knob was annoying, the offer of the modification, coupled with an improvement in sound quality, was very timely. By the time I was able to take it up some very favourable comments had been posted which I can now fully concur with. The operation of the volume controls is now smooth, completely silent and the improvement in sound quality is more than subtle. A very noticeable increased sense of separation and space, particularly in respect of depth, is apparent on favourite albums I have streamed on high resolution Qobuz. The multi layered guitars on Led Zeppelin’s “Ten years gone” is a prime example of this increased sense of depth with instrumentation coming into and going out of the mix with a greater sense of clarity and coherence. A contrasting track which springs to mind is “Tears” by Rush. The acoustic guitars in the forefront sound further removed from the backing strings adding to the overall sense of emotion conveyed by the vocal. The upgrade is worthwhile, good value and I am pleased.

Silver wire upgraded P50 arrived late evening thank you. In a little test of my own I hooked up my second system speakers via my A20. (Q Acoustics 3020i bookshelves). Well all I can say is an immediate noticeable difference, you are correct in your description of more transparency and definition. I used Tool's latest album as a 'test' (although I don't really test listen anymore, sometimes it's a habit) and I can identify a good amount of separation in the recording now...and well, just more detail, what I like about NVA gear is the honest presentation of recordings. Saving Friday evening for the main speakers (Rega RX3). So personal subjective review aside, well worth the cost of the upgrade. Looking forward to seeing (hearing really) what your phono stages and speaker design for next year.

Absolutely stunned by this new Pre !! I’m not sure what you guys have done (well yes I do because you’ve said ) but it works. Will look to see if funds allow sooner rather than later and will be in touch. This change will happen before the LS7 I’ve decided as there such an improvement that sounds amazing with my LS6.

Just an update on the P50sa upgrade, I had my daughter around this afternoon and she noticed what I have noticed this last week, that all the instruments seem to have there own space and everything is a lot more defined i.e. the tone of guitars, studio effects. It is like I can see into the music and pick out more information. The upgrade is really well worth the £260 I paid. Thanks once again.

Well I have listened to the new NVA P50sa and have to say I was very impressed! I have the original NVA P50sa to compare it with and no doubt about it the improved model has more than the edge on the original which is already very good indeed. I would never have thought this in a passive design which is nearly identical, but you live and learn. For me there was more immediacy and it sounded more open - with improved treble.

I have only listened to the upgraded P50 SA for one evening but it had me up until midnight, it is a revelation ( a full review will follow in due course) but yesterday evenings session alone has me reaching for the credit card to order the upgrade for my personal P50 SA. I must admit I was sceptical at first that a switch, resistor and wiring upgrade would make such a profound improvement in the experience of listening to music along with of course, the tactile improvement makes it an absolute pleasure to turn up the volume for one is not met with a cacophony via the loudspeakers and a clunking in the case.

My P50SA arrived back earlier in the week but only had a chance to check it out yesterday. To say I'm chuffed is an understatement. Upon opening the box it was like unpacking a brand new item which was a really nice touch, as are the gloves. Streaming from my NAS, first up was Kyuss - Blues for the red sun, then Danzig - III How the gods kill, before switching to vinyl and cranking Poison Idea - Feel the Darkness. None of these are audiophile recordings blessed with huge amounts of recording budget thrown at them and listening yesterday was the best I've ever heard them. More clarity and presence in vocals and separation of the players in the band. In use, the new SA is really nice when setting the volume, over the years I'd got use to the old one but have to admit it is nice not to have the crackles.

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