"I'm delighted that the NVA name lives on and that Richard Dunn's designs have been subtly improved and made more accessible." David Price (Global Editor, Stereonet)

NVA is the British hi-fi amplifier manufacturer founded in 1982 by Richard Dunn. Since late 2019, the brand has been taken forward by Tom Danus (who worked alongside Richard for 3 years) and Paul Tiernan, an experienced audiophile who had been helping Richard and Tom at shows.

The new NVA initially prioritised existing users, ensuring that heritage models could be serviced and offering retrofit upgrades to bring components up to the latest specifications. That has included fitting high quality power supplies and a new bespoke stepped attenuator for the P50 passive pre-amplifier. Paul says: “The quality of the latest NVA amplifiers is the best that the company has ever produced.”

The company’s new 70-watt integrated amplifier and prototype semi-omni directional loudspeakers were on demonstration at the UK Audio Show. The NVA hi-fi range now includes; passive pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, phono stages, interconnect cables, speaker cables and a balanced mains unit (BMU).

NVA sells direct to customers from it's UK workshop with a 30 day home trial, and the Klarna payment option allows you to test in your own system without upfront cost. 

NVA Bundle Offers