Q: What’s better than NVA?
A: More NVA!

Our cable trade-in scheme gives you the very best value for money when you want to take the next step in the NVA range. No need to delay until you can sell your existing cable, we do all the work, sell your original cable and pay you up front! 

As you go up through the NVA range you get more resolution, more scale, more separation… simply, more NVA!

  • Up to 100% trade in value if you send your cable back within one year of your original purchase date.
  • Up to 75% trade in value if you send your cable back within two years of your original purchase date.
  • Up to 50% trade in value if you send your cable back more than two years from your original purchase date.

How to trade-in:

Step 1 - Contact us to check that your original cable qualifies for the trade-in scheme, then order your new NVA cable and listen to it in your system.

Step 2 - when you know that you want to keep your new NVA cable, send your original NVA cable to us (include a copy of your purchase receipt). We will then contact you to confirm the trade-in allowance for your cable, based on the above criteria. 

Step 3 - we will refund the confirmed trade-in allowance from your new purchase.

Step 4 - you enjoy your music! We sell your original cable in our pre-owned section.

Trade-in Options Table

You own Trade-in Options
LS1 / LST LS3 / LS5 / LS6 / LS7 / LSTS
LS3 LS5 / LS6 / LS7
LS5 LS6 / LS7

Terms & Conditions

  • Only applicable to direct sales from NVA.
  • You must produce your receipt or invoice to verify your original purchase date.
  • Not applicable on cables that have been modified or repaired by anyone other than ourselves.
  • Trade in is valid against brand new, full price cables, only. Does not include B Grade or pre-owned cables. Trade-in cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • We may reduce the percentage value of our trade in offer if the condition of your cable will negatively affect resale value.
  • Trading in bespoke / non-standard length cables - we may reduce the percentage value of our trade in offer if the bespoke nature of the cable may effect our ability to resell it.
  • Trading in pre-owned cables you bought directly from NVA - a maximum trade-in allowance of 50% will apply, regardless of the age of the cable.
  • Pre-owned cables that you bought elsewhere will not be eligible for the trade-in scheme.
  • By sending us your original NVA cable, you agree to keep your new NVA cable.
  • To qualify for trade-in, you must return your original cable within 30 days of receiving your new cable.
  • Trade-ins must be ‘like for like’. Where trade-in requests are not like for like, each request will be considered on an individual basis.
  • Trade-ins must be for the same (or longer) length of new cable.
  • The trade-in scheme may be withdrawn or amended, at any time, without notice.