Q: What’s better than NVA?
A: More NVA! 

In addition to our component upgrade scheme, we also offer attractive trade-in deals on selected items:

Eligible trade-ins

S80 to S300 / M600
S150 to M600
S300 to M600
M160 to M600
AP10H to AP10H+
P1 to P2
Starter Bundle to INT250 / 400 / 400SA

Trade-in to any NVA interconnect to any that is higher in the range.
Trade-in to any NVA speaker cable to any that is higher in the range.

Other upgrade options:
If you want to upgrade your P50 to P50SA, S150 to S300 or M300 to M600... we offer upgrades to your existing unit.

Trade-in value

Up to 100%, depending on the age and condition of your item, and what you are trading up to. Please contact us for a quote.


  1. Contact us to confirm your item is eligible for trade-in.
  2. We will give you the trade-in value for your item.
  3. Order the new item via the NVA website.
  4. Once you know you want to keep the new item (you have up to 30 days to decide), send your trade-in item to us (within 14 days of the expiry of the new item 30 day home trial).
  5. Once we've received and checked your trade-in item, we will refund the trade-in value.


  • Trade-in items must have been purchased directly from ourselves.
  • Trade-ins are against brand new full price items only.
  • Except where stated, trade-ins are on 'like for like' items.
  • Trade-in items must be undamaged, unmodified, with original packaging, and in full working order.
  • By returning your original item, you commit to keeping your new item.
  • We may make a deduction from trade-in values for items that are in below average cosmetic condition.
  • Trading in bespoke / non-standard length cables - we may reduce the percentage value of our trade in offer if the bespoke nature of the cable may effect our ability to resell it.
  • Trading in pre-owned cables you bought directly from NVA - a maximum trade-in allowance of 50% will apply, regardless of the age of the cable.
  • Cable trade-ins must be for the same (or longer) length of new cable.
  • Offers are subject to change.